Do you want to get your restaurant to the next level, make service more efficient and improve customer experience?
Give it the star it needs and choose Alfredo.

Alfredo is an application that will revolutionise your restaurant and give your customers a fuller, quicker and informed service.

It is not just an innovative experience that they won't forget, but also a tool that will definitively boost your business.

You can use a tablet or smartphone to connect with your customers, know more about what they think and adapt what you offer to their needs and desires.

What else? The Digital Menu system improves service efficiency and gets rid of the effort of writing down orders. It improves your business' productivity and makes waiting for meals less monotonous. Customers can make reservations, place orders and find out immediately how much they are going to spend, without the need for third parties.

Optimise advertisements for offers, campaigns, special dates and other opportunities for your customers.